Sunday, May 19, 2013

My address!!

I'm sorry everyone! I don't know if I ever put my address on here. How am I supposed to get letters from everyone?
Elder Connor Spurling
Japan Sapporo Mission
Sapporo-Shi, Chuou- Ku
Kita 2 jo nishi 24 chome 1- 25
Hokkaido, Japan 064-0822
I know I owe a lot of you letters. I don't have a lot of time to write them but just know that I REALLY appreciate them.
Thanks to: Grace Fischvogt -the doodles are sweet! I don't know when you leave for school, but good luck. Shoot me a letter with your new adress. We'll be closer than anyone else. Ha!
Kristin & Brittani!!!- I hope school is going great! Shoot me a wedding invite when it happens.  
Sarah Christensen- I think yours was the last letter I got before coming out here! It was a sweet surprise!!
Andrea Solis- what happened to those other letters you were going to send? I don't even know your address: I thought you were in Mexico, but your letter came from Illinois, and you said you were going to Utah!! What the heck is that about?!
Well I love y'all!! Later!
Elder Spurling

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