Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's raining, it's pouring, I wish I was snoring.....

Hello folks, 
It's certainly been another week over here in the wet, wet world of Muroran. It has been raining for the last 5 days straight without any sign of letting up. It's actually somewhat comical I think. All the waterproofness that my rain gear possibly could have held has completely vanished much like the sun that I used to love so much. But my companion and I still hop on our bikes everyday and ping doors. We've started to go "puddle jumping" to see who can get wettest from the ride home everyday. It's like the funnest game ever, mostly because you can't get wetter than you already are after pinging doors for 9 hours in the pouring rain! HA! 
We have been able to see a miracle or two in the last couple of weeks, though. There was a certain inactive member I'd never met, who we decided we wanted to visit. So we went to the neighborhood the next day and started pinging doors quite a few blocks away from where she lived, and we came upon one house that had a bunch of dressers sitting outside with the door open. We pinged the door and yelled and could here someone upstairs but they wouldn't come down. Normally we would leave, but I told my companion to yell again a bit louder. A woman finally come down after the 3rd yell and we gave an intro and she said that she was a member! She ended up being the one were going to go visit, but was at her parent's home. Her dad just died and she was having to clean out the whole house all alone because her family was busy and she had been praying that the Lord would send her somebody to help.....and asked specifically for the missionaries. And there we were: on her doorstep, at a strange house, having never met or even heard of her before.....She couldn't hold back the tears. We were able to help her move a lot of big things including her "Daddy's chair" and had a great discussion with her. We were able to help her move a bit more the other day in the rain and she was so unbelievably grateful to us. She even bought us dry socks!! HA! But it was truly an amazing experience to see how the Lord accomplishes his work through us. What an opportunity it was to be able to be the conduit through which he did a miracle in a woman's life by answering a prayer. He really hears us and knows our circumstances and needs!!
All right. Love you all. I appreciate everything you do for me and my family. Keep all of them happy and give my beautiful mother a big hug for me. She turns OLD next week!

スパーリング 長老

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