Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shinoro?.... It looks like home!

Summer Salutations,
This is your missionary, Elder Spurling, speaking. And I'm inviting you to come on a ride through the farming community of Shinoro, Hokkaido, Japan with me. You better hold on tight: the sidewalks are pretty rough and the shocks on this bicycle don't help much. Please enjoy.......
Well hey y'all! I'm doing well up here in Hokkaido. I got transferred last week from my bean wonderful Muroran......up to the city of Sapporo. But i'm in a small prefecture on the very outskirts of the city, which is not city at all. It's a bunch of fields. It's nothing like Muroran: no beautiful ocean and cliffs with the cool sea breeze, no wonderful mountains to admire and ride your bike up, just flatness, fields, and humidity. But I love it. It reminds me a lot of Indiana! 
My new companion is....not Japanese. Too bad. but he is also not American. He's Finnish! He speaks fluent English and Japanese though, so I'm set. He's a cool guy: loves Japan and video games and manga, and he almost makes me want to check it all out.....almost. But I'm in a 4 man apartment and the other two are Japanese! So hopefully i'm going to learn this language pretty quick....but so far I haven't. The language barrier is really getting me a bit frustrated, but I'm trying to be patient and keep learning. We don't have any investigators at all, so we are just pingin' doors like crazy, hoping someone will talk to us. I'm starting to think it's me. I've just been pinging doors for my last three transfers and not teaching anyone. Maybe I should be more interesting. I'll learn to juggle and juggle while I ping the doors then people will listen to me!! Yeah!!
Loving it. Doing well. Singin songs and bangin my own drum. Oh! And I'm singing in a jazz concert that my mission president's wife is putting on. It took me a while to think of a jazz song without romantic overtones, but I did it! Accent-uate the Positive. I'm way pumped! Alright. Love ere'body!
Your always beautiful,
Elder Spurling
Here's some pics...........  

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