Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yuki Matsuri..... Snow Festival

Hey fam!
No voice mail this week. Sorry. But this has been an amazing week. We had a Zone Conference this week and every single missionary ended up in the city of Sapporo at one time. It was a really good meeting and we learned a lot of great things and got a lot of dendo fire! We're ready to go out and work. 

We met with a college kid here that My comp and the last elder had had some trouble actually getting into sharing the message with. I went in and just got to know him. He is actually fluent in English so he didn't want to speak Japanese. But we just talked about our jobs and music and The Killers and just whatever. Then my comp threw out a super blunt question related to the message and we just started goin for it. We probably talked for an hour and I actually didn't ever teach him. All I did was tell him what this gospel has done for me and how much happiness I have felt from it. I didn't tell him that he needed to do anything I just promised that if he prayed and if he wanted feel what I have felt, all he has to do is try it out. It was the most heartfelt testimony that I have borne since I have come here and he said that he felt it. It was one of the best experiences that I have had so far. 

We also had a WAY cool woman come to church yesterday! She had to walk for almost an hour on the ice and snow but was there early and ended up absolutely LOVING the messages that were shared there. She has a lot of interest and a ton of faith and I can't wait to see what happens with her. 

I'm doing really well. We have been seeing SO many miracles and I actually feel somewhat confident as a missionary after a whole year. I didn't do anything to celebrate though.... didn't really remember. 

I love you all! Till next week,
Elder Spurling

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