Sunday, March 2, 2014

What did we do to deserve this........

Hey guys!
I Don't have a ton of time (I never do....).We are in Asahikawa for a
Zone meeting and we are going to go bowling as a District with another
district! WOOOO BOWLING!!!

But this week was......amazing. We have an investigator named
Nakabayashi- san that we have been teaching since I came. My comp
didn't think there was much potential but when I talked to her the
first time I knew she was going to be cool. I've met with her on
splits a few different times and she has quite a bit of interest. She
told us a few weeks ago that she wanted to come to church and see how
it was.....and then she walked for an hour and made it there early.
She loved church and every lesson happened to be about the Plan of
Salvation which was the pamphlet we had given her a bit before. So I
met with her again on Wednesday on splits and summed up the PoS and
she told us that it all sounded very familiar to her. One of the
members that we brought told her that it was because she had heard it
all before before this life and we were just telling her something she
had forgotten. We asked her to pray about it and she said she would.
Then she came to church again yesterday and we had the sister
missionaries help her so that we could pass her to them. We taught
another lesson afterward with the sisters. I started it and asked her
a question about how church was and then all of the sudden I had a ton
of questions about how she felt and what it would mean if she found
truth in her life and........she turned to me after talking for a bit
and asked, "what do you need to do to join this church?" I told her
about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and the sisters shared a
scripture about baptism. The sisters invited her to be baptized by
someone holding the proper authority of God and she looked at me and
said, "受けたい。 お願いしたい。 I want to be baptized. I would like to ask you to
do it." I can tell you that that lesson was pretty all over the place
at times, but that woman has been prepared to meet us and has found
something, has felt something that is so familiar and good that she
can't ignore it. I am so glad to be a part of something like this.
There is no way that this message that I have the opportunity to share
isn't true. I know from the bottom of my heart that my Heavenly Father
knows me and has people here in Hokkaido that I am supposed to find
and help. I love that gospel and I try my best to show my gratitude

I love you guys!

Elder Spurling

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