Sunday, June 22, 2014

Good Day Sunshine.....

Hey fam,

It's only like 5am here and the sun is shining like its 8 or 9. Gotta love that Japanese sun!! 

I don't have much to report on from this week: we did a lot of finding and visiting investigators. One of them we met on a bus last week coming back from a different area and chatted with for like an 1:30. She loves English and thinks that what we are doing as missionaries is awesome so she wanted to take us out to sushi. We went and she blew $50 on us. She kept forcing me to eat even when I was stuffed to the gills with raw fish and got offended when I said I was full! HA! But she's way nice and we were able to teach a great lesson too. She set up a tight schedule to meet every week, once a week and talk in english and talk about our message and she doesn't care who it is that actually comes as long as there is one American and one Japanese.....Interesting lady......

We did go out to Sapporo this week to see Elder Christofferson (he's one of my favorites. I like the way he leans on the podium at Conference like he owns the place). He was amazing. He didn't have a lot of a message that he particularly wanted to share with us, but instead just asked for questions and answered them. It was really interesting to listen to and watch because there would be moments when he would pause and not really look anywhere in particular and then continue with some new piece of information. The way he receives revelation is insane. I know that he and the other 12 are real Apostles and prophets of God and that they really do receive revelation from him for us. I have faith that they will always lead us where He needs us to be led and that by listening and following their counsel we can be super duper happy! It was an awesome experience that I won't ever forget. 

That's probably about it..... Transfers are this week and it should be more unusual that normal. We've got the new mission president coming in the middle of the transfer and I've heard a few rumors about how they are scrambling the leaders who knows where I'll end up?! 

Anyway, Love you guys!

Elder Spurling

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