Sunday, June 22, 2014

Well folks,
I just want you all to remember how much I hate my bike. He's okay. No worries there. I've still got him for another 5 months or so, but I can't wait till he dies. This week I was riding and the seat snapped off.....for the 2nd time on my mission if you can recall. It snapped off while I was sitting on it and then did a flippity flip and I ended up perfectly on my feet. So I rode around for 2 days without a seat until I could go get a new seat post....  Also before that, because we ride our bikes so much I wore out the crouch of my only pair of pants....HA! I had a hole that got WAY big because of the broken seat thing, but I have a sister in the ward sewing them up for me and I went today and bought a new pair from my favorite store Uniqlo. That bicycle is not my friend. He is my enemy.
But besides the demon bike, this week was good. We didn't have a ton of time to work, unfortunately, because of another trip to Sapporo, a sweet ward BBQ, visits to members, and other random interruptions. Hopefully this week we can get out and do some REAL work. I'm actually booked for splits on 3 days this week, but two of them are here in our area, so that's good. Actually we have 3 splits every week till the end of the transfer. Busy bees us ZL's.
Until another time......
Elder Spurling

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