Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hey guys!!
It's seems like this week I've made the transistion almost fully from being an Ammon missionary, teaching those who know nothing of Christ, to an Alma missionary, and teaching those who are already members of the church of Christ but choose to not keep up with it. We met 7 less active members and taught them all lessons. We found out why each of them is not coming to church and they seem to be just a bunch of simple little things that we can try to help work on with them and the ward. It's been really interesting to talk with them because they all have a ton of faith still. They all still read the Book of Mormon and pray and rely on Christ as their Savior, they just have small......people problems...... that keep them from being able to receive all the blessings Heavenly Father has for them. But we get the opportunity to help them and strengthen them and it's AWESOME! I learn so much when I get to talk to other members about their faith and how they try to grow in the Gospel!
Otherwise not much else happened this week. My comp has depression and so we stayed in our apartment for a couple of days because he wouldn't speak. Things haven't really gotten much better. He still doesn't really talk to me at all (I think he's tired of me) but at least we can go outside and talk to some other people. We have transfer calls tomorrow so we'll see what happens I suppose. I do have this super strange feeling like next transfer is going to bring some even harder times though.... I don't know why I think that but.....
Last week we went to the zoo. It was sweet. Today we are going to go bowling at an "all you can throw" place for about......6 hours. I'm gonna get SOOO good and SOOOO sore!!!
Hope you have fun with Uncle Brian! It'll be sweet!  Also, don't worry about the BYU essays. I just need to finish writing up one more. They'll all be in the computer next week. Sorry for taking to long and stressin ya out Ma....
Love y'alls.....
Elder Connor Spurling

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