Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just Sapporo........

Hey folks,

This week we went to Sapporo for a big meeting with one of the Area Presidencies members. He gave a super awesome workshop. He actually didn't prepare anything for us. He asked for questions and then decided that he knew what he needed to talk about after answering a few. It was really cool. It seemed like he received real revelation for all of us and knew what we needed as a mission.

Otherwise, we made some big English Class posters and went around town and asked if we could put them up in all kinds of businesses and stores. Almost no one said No, probably because I put a lot of emphasis on the words "VOLUNTEER" & "FREE". Hopefully we'll get some new people coming soon. There are 2 Japanese Elders that are trying to make an English Class book.....for the mission. They asked me for a couple of ideas about teaching it and on the 6 hour bus to Sapporo I wrote 8 pages about how we could improve it and make it really effective, along with some teaching ideas. I didn't realize how passionate I am about the English Class......

Cool experience this week. My companion got a crazy bad headache on Monday night. He looked terrible and couldn't concentrate on anything. It actually ended up with him sitting in his desk chair trembling with pain holding his head. I told him he needed a blessing and then gave him one. He tried to lay down to go to sleep but couldn't do it. So I gave him a bunch of water to drink and then turned on a hot bath and told him to get in. At this point he didn't even know where he was (maybe I should have called someone.....) He got in and I went in to the other room and got on my knees and started praying for him. After about 30 seconds I got some kind of strange confidence (the Spirit, of course) that as soon as he walks out of the bathroom he would be perfectly okay and would go to sleep quickly. The very second I ended he walked out, was perfectly fine and fell asleep within a minute. Heavenly Father loves him. I know He does. And I know that He hears me when I pray. He wants only what is best for me and ALL of His children. I am so grateful that He really does liten and know me.....

Until next week, Loves'n'stuff,

Elder Connor Spurling  

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