Friday, December 20, 2013

He's How Tall????

It's transfer week so there have been a ton of changes over here. I got my call on Tuesday and found out that I would be staying in Shinoro again! I also found out that I was the only one staying: that the other 3 missionaries were transferring to different areas. My companion, Elder Nishime, transferred one area down so he's still in my district and is actually my district leader, so we'll get to go on exchanges together! WOOOO! But my new companion is on transfer 3: he just finished training...... I went senior companion.... It feels completely insane and I'm way nervous, but SUPER excited! And the kid is a total pro. His Japanese is probably just as good as mine and he's way better at teaching. All I have is a knowledge of the area and the people and the ward, but he can hold his own in everything we do. He's from Utah and is a way funny guy: Elder Shoell, "shoe with 2 L's" he says. He is also extremely tall.....2 meters. about 6' 7". Pinging doors is awesome because people open them, look up and just say, "I was surprised!"(doesn't really translate that well...). They love him. It's hilarious. I also have that Elder that I sing with, Elder Rodenberg, in our apartment which is pretty fun. All in all, it's going to be a super fun transfer. I think we'll see a ton of miracles.

Love y'all. 
Elder Spurling

(The Lord has a sense of humor for sure paring these 2 together ...... )

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