Friday, December 20, 2013

Survived 1st Blizzard

December posts..........

Well it's the end of the transfer again. We'll be getting our transfer calls tomorrow and seeing where we'll be going next. The ward here seems to think I'll be transferring, but I've only been here for 3 transfers- like 4 months.... that'S not that long. I'm kind of torn about leaving: I love the ward and the people are AWESOME, but the area is super small and I feel like I don't have anything left to do here after 4 months. I think I've been to almost every block in town and visited all of the members and N.A.'s a million times over but this week my companion made a baptismal date with our one investigator over the phone! So we'll be meeting with him today and seeing how we can best prepare him. This guy has been an investigator for 13 years now, and I really think he has just been waiting for Elder Shoell to come. They are pretty good friends and Shoell seems to understand him really well. Way good progress here in Shinoro. 
 We got transfers calls this week! I'm staying in Shinoro again with Elder Shoell. My apartment stayed the same and my District, too, which is rare. I'll have been here for 6 months after this transfer. But I'm glad I stayed for Christmas. Christmas in a new ward would have been lonely....Well, the weather has been....something this week. On Friday we did our weekly planning and it started snowing, so afterward we went to shovel an older members driveway (about a 15- 20 minute walk). They, of course, had us come in for cocoa and a snack, and when we left 30 mins later it was snowing quite a bit. My comp was trying to fix his boots outside the door and he asked if this was a blizzard. I was like, "No. It's just blowing a little bit. No worries." About 2 minutes after we started walking back I yelled over the wind, "YEAH! THIS IS A BLIZZARD!!" We didn't know if we should keep doing stuff or go back, so I decided to go visit a less active member that was on the way back. We started into her neighborhood and the visibility went from 20 feet to almost 2 feet: I could only see my companion right next me. I couldn't even see car lights. I definitely decided to go home now. We couldn't look up because the wind and snow hurt our faces so much and we couldn't see anyway, but after saying a quick prayer we managed to get out of the neighborhood and start following the road back to the apartment. I actually had to take my glasses off because the snow kept sticking to them and I couldn't see. You know things have gotten scary when it's safer to walk around without you glasses on because you can't see with them on..... It ended up taking us about 45 mins to make the 10 min walk back and the wind almost literally blew us off our feet a couple of times. It was probably one of the scariest things ever. But me and Elder Shoell just laughed the whole time and made a ton of jokes. We sangs songs and basically just acted like this was normal. I wish I had videos of us. But we were perfectly safe. The other 2 in the apartment made it back about 2 minutes before us too and we all just hung out the rest of the night because we couldn't do anything else. Makin memories!!!

Love ya all
Elder Spurling

New skill learned on P-day..... Curling

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