Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm a Ninja.....

Hey everyone!!
It"s  been a fun week! We had our Halloween party at church. We helped set it all up for like 4 days. It was way fun and everyone enjoyed it. I went as a ninja and got to wear the ninja shoes I bought in my 2nd transfer! One of the big games was where I would pretend to cut people with my katana and they would do their best death scene! It was hilarious.  Success
We have only taught 7 lessons this whole transfer, but this week we were able to teach 6! We have been teaching a practice lesson with a members brother and wife. They really like us, but don't really have interest in the message. They were way awesome and are going to take us out to sushi this week. 
I'll be getting my transfer call tonight. We'll see where I go and who i'm with. I'm excited but mostly terrified. The senior companion thing is pretty intimidating from where I am at right now...... I have faith that it'll all be okay. It'll be sweet!!

I'll talk to you later
Elder Spurling

(Note from mom:   Seemed like a scary little game for the ward party but afterward we received a package in the mail from a sweet sister in his ward.  She thanked us for sending Elder Spurling, and for the great support he was to the ward and their activity.  She had several others in the ward sign the card she sent- we could not read it of course but so sweet.  Hoping Mrs Bays at Columbus North will translate for us)

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