Friday, December 20, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame......

How's everyone doing? Don't know what to tell ya'll. I'm doing good. My Japanese is still pretty poor, maybe it's getting better.....I dunno. People tell me it is but....
Elder Nishime and I actually have quite a few investigators right now. Most of them aren't super strong and may or may not have a lot of interest, but we keep trying. I've actually been able to teach a bit. It's pretty cool. Yesterday we had a "practice lesson" with a friend of a member who has no interest, but gave us feedback. Or technically only me because this was for my Japanese practice, so I taught alone.  My companion will make great use of the tips.... We'll be meeting with her once a week to do the same thing.

The baseball game was super fun. It's way different here. It's super clean and the grass isn't real and nobody (except American missionaries) stand up when the YMCA comes on...... We were on the Jumbotron like 4 times because we were so entertaining. It was flippin sweet! 
It has actually started to get cold now. They say it has come unusually fast this year. I'm pumped!!

Well I'm on transfer 5, so I'll probably become a senior companion next transfer....I better figure out what I'm doing. I'll keep trying I guess......

Love you all!!

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