Friday, December 20, 2013

Seeing the Lord's Hand in this work...

This week has been very tiring. It was mostly just a ton of pinging doors and seeing nothing come from it. 
> There was one high point of the week though. On Wednesday we set out to visit a bunch of members that we've never met before. We ended up not meeting any of them, so we pinged houses for a bit. The area felt stale, so I decided to go somewhere else. We had a weak appointment set for the day so we went and visited and could see the woman in the window, but she refused to come to the door or even acknowledge we left. I decided to go visit our one and only investigator who was pretty strong, but when we got there, she wasn't home. Then I felt like I should go down the street a little way to visit a member, but when I got there I very much felt that she shouldn't be visited today, so as I stood there thinking for a second about what to do this group of kids walks up. They asked if I could speak and if I was a Christian missionary and I realized that I had met them before in this same spot. We talked for a bit, and then they left. I couldn't help but feel that I was supposed to meet them there and that I planted some seeds for some future date. After that I started to ride down past where I was, but didn't get too far before I had a feeling to go back and write down the address of the house I had just been to, and then continued in the opposite direction than I had been going: back toward the investigators house. This time she was home, so we talked and she ended up dropping herself. So our one and only investigator is now we have literally no one. That hasn't happened yet on my mission..... Anyway, to continue the story, we went to a conbini (convenience store)in the parking lot I heard some poor English behind me say, "Are you missionaries?"  I turned around and saw this Japanese man with a huge smile on his face and just started talking to him, me in Japanese and him in his best English. He asked how many people we had been able to share our message with today. And I told him, "negative one." He said that he loved people like us that come to other countries and try so hard to learn a language and go around all day doing something they love. I talked about how great it is for us and how much we do love it.
> We didn't get to share our message with him, but I just turned around looked at my companion and said, "My Heavenly Father loves me. He really knows....." We rode our bikes and were on our way home, we stopped to talk to a guy on the street. He didn't care, but a member of the ward, this really old member, bumped my bike and then (after the other guy walked away) started talking with us. We found out he was walking back from a very good friends funeral and he seemed really depressed about it. He asked if we had eaten and then said we would go eat at his house together. We met his wife, who is not a member and were able to have a really nice evening with them and even share a message about Joseph Smith with her. We were put in the right place at the exact moment that we would meet him and be able to comfort him and bring him some peace through sharing a messaage with his wife. 
> We still have 0 investigators and we aren't finding anyone to teach, but we know that we are being led. We know Heavenly Father is helping us do something here. So we keep going out and pinging houses and getting rejected because we know great things are going to happen. I know great things are coming VERY soon here in Shinoro and I can't wait to see them and be a part of them. I love what I'm doing here and I'm really tired, but there isn't anything I would rather be doing.

> I love you guys. I hope you all have an awesome week and are able to see His hand in your lives because it's there.

> Elder Connor Spurling 

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