Friday, December 20, 2013

The Coldness........

October posts.......

It has finally happened. It has gotten cold. It's kind of a pain  because it's at a point where it's kind of okay in the afternoon but in the evening it just gets super chilly, so I have to carry around a jacket and hat and gloves and sweater. I would rather it just be really cold so I can put on my thermals and coat and boots and have a somewhat empty backpack. 
Anyway, it's been an okay week. We had a 2 Zone Conference, so their were a ton of people there and we got to do all kinds of good things and hear a lot of awesome workshops. It is actually President Evans birthday this week so every district in the mission made a video for him and we got to watch all of them. Then Elder Rodenberg and I sang a song that we have been working on for his birthday. It was a hit. 
The members here really love missionaries. People give us a ton of food on Sunday's, so we usually only have to buy a few things when we grocery shop. I actually had a member this week give me 2 handmade (pretty professional) ties and a homemade tie bar, because she knew how much I liked them. It was the sweetest thing ever! We also went to help a single mother member get ready to move and she pulled out this old kimono that her husband had made. It was flippin cool! It had a thick blue coat and then you put a thin coat on over top of it. It was a really beautiful kimono. So she asked me to try it on and was so happy to see it on me that she told me to keep it!! I was like, "Isn't this really special?" and she said, "Yes it is. But it'll probably get thrown away someday. Take it back to America and enjoy it" So I now own a kimono. I'll probably send it home before I leave Shinoro. 
Not much else this week. We're trying our best. and working to see miracles. Love you all! Until next week!

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